Friday, March 4, 2011

rain in the forecast

I began this painting by letting the oil just run and kept adding glazes and finally, some impasto. I am pretty happy with how it developed.

small sky painting

We have a big show coming up later this month and had a request for small paintings. This one is 6x6, but it has a big heart.


Since I grew up on the coastal area of Nova Scotia, I am familiar with the ocean but seem to avoid it. Well, I bit the bullet and did a couple and surprise, I like doing the sea.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Arctic CHAR

I did another variety of trout, this time, and Arctic Char. They, of course, are native to cold waters and capable of going to great depths. The more I read about these fish, the more fascinated I am with them. Also, the differences between them. some go from salt to fresh water, some not. Some can live at 1200 feet in depth, others stay closer to the surface. The image is about 8x15 and they are matted to fit a 16x20 frame.