Saturday, April 17, 2010

Autumn aspen

I grew up with birch trees in the north east, and the Aspen must be a first cousin,they look so much alike. I like the sound of the wind in the leaves, especially in fall when the leaves are yellow. In summer, the leaves are a pale green underneath;almost a bluey green. Beautiful no matter what season. This image is 14x18 and beautifully framed.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Maine Farm

Living in Texas in the summer can be trying at best, so each July/August I try to get out of Dodge and go to maine to visit great friends and get out of the heat. Most people like the coast, which is wonderful, but the interior of the state is pretty special too. One friend lives in the lake district of Belgrade on Great Pond. the "pond" is 9 miles long; some pond! This scene is above the lake, looking down.The farm is old, not sure of the age, but my guess is 150. Fresh produce appears at the roadside where one can purchase whatever is seasonal and leave the money in a coffee can. This image is in oil,20x24 and has been sold.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Racing the storm

I was inspired by a photo I saw which took me back to the days in Florida when we would take my daughter's horse to the beach. He loved the surf and would make a mad dash for it. She and I would both take turns riding bareback and enjoyed the freedom of that and the wildness of the surf.
The image is 20x24,oil.