Saturday, April 17, 2010

Autumn aspen

I grew up with birch trees in the north east, and the Aspen must be a first cousin,they look so much alike. I like the sound of the wind in the leaves, especially in fall when the leaves are yellow. In summer, the leaves are a pale green underneath;almost a bluey green. Beautiful no matter what season. This image is 14x18 and beautifully framed.


  1. Your "Autumn Aspen" is beautiful. Love the way you've woven the trunks and leaves throughout the painting and the size variations keep the composition interesting. I came over here from Karin's blog and I'm glad I did. Have enjoyed looking at your work. The little girls feeding the turtles is my favorite!

  2. Beautiful work! Its amazing how a painting can bring something that otherwise would have gone unnoticed to "life". Thank you for sharing - lovely.